Corporater BMP
Imagine having building blocks that you could use for your business. Having different objects and functionality that you can mix and match to fit a specific process or function. That’s what the Corporater Business Management Platform offers.

Corporater allows organizations build solutions with options to link Strategy and Operations, Risks, Quality, Projects and other areas into a single platform to provide the right value to the right decision makers.

These solutions can be for internal consumption and/or for external users as you can see in see in this example from the Oslo’s School District

In order to create those links, Corporater offers different Functionality that provides the flexibility to adapt to the internal processes defined by each entity. Some of these Categories are:

  • Measure
  • Approve
  • Assess
  • Collect
  • Analyze
  • Automate
  • Communicate
  • Collaborate
  • Publish
  • Calculate

The elements handled within these process are Corporater’s Business Building Blocks which provide items ranging from tables, to KPIs, to Heat Maps, etc. that users can add to incrementally cover the business requirements.

Along the most popular solutions that can be put together with Corporater we have:

  • Strategy Management: track progress on goals and strategies through performance measures and align action plans from each business unit all the way up to the corporate strategy.
  • KPI and Dashboards: keep a close eye on Operations by defining Key Performance Indicators and monitoring results on a nice visualization which allows you to track objectives, perform benchmark and share the story with specific audiences.
  • Employee Performance Management: Align employee goals with Corporate strategies, evaluate training initiatives and adopt variable compensation linked to targets.
  • Project and Portfolio Management: Prioritize project and facilitate the management and reporting for all the users involved.
  • Governance and Risk Management: Standardize processes with a unified approach to manage information and risks.
  • BI and Analytics: gather insights and provide powerful visualizations with the data available using the out-of-the-box functionality or embedding third party tools.
  • Corporate Reporting: automate report generation with pixel perfect documents that can be stored and share across the organization in multiple formats.