Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management Infor EPM

Compliance, budgeting, planning and KPI Dashboards – All in one solution

And with in-context business intelligence capabilities built in, the benefits go far beyond just easy access to data. You can understand risk, performance, and the impact of decisions company-wide.

The Infor d/EPM suite includes:


Get insights into the performance of key business areas, such as talent, supply chain, production operations, and sales.


Get a single application for all your budgeting, planning, and forecasting needs; operationalize your strategic plans; and seamlessly consolidate multiple sets of books.


Proactively monitor your systems for transaction anomalies and violations of segregation of duties controls, while scoring risks to quickly understand their potential impact.


  • Single version of the truth—Enterprise data platform, visibility into business performance.
  • User productivity and satisfaction— Role-based content; cross-application workflows; insight-driven decisions and transactions
  • Rapid implementation—Cloud-based deployment, controlled access available for partners or global entities
  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility
  • Delivery via mobile devices; automatic delivery of relevant information
  • Reduced risk—Continuous controls monitoring, regulatory reporting, risk scoring, segregation of duties