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A demo is one of the best ways to understand the benefits a solution can provide and ask specific questions about how it will cover your organization’s needs.

Let's have a nice conversation about where these technologies are going, your current situation and how to move forward.

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If you are struggling with your implementation, maintenance of the solution, or if you are just evaluating how to move forward with Enterprise Performance Management and Analytics, have a chat with one of our experts to receive valuable insights and recommendations.

What characterizes your company’s budgeting, planning, consolidation, and reporting?  Time-consuming manual processes, large numbers of spreadsheets, elongated planning cycles, inaccurate data, lack of confidence in the results?  You are definitely not alone!

Whether it is Tableau, Power BI, Birst, SAP, Infor, SQL Server, etc. at Cipher we recommend solutions that take the pain out of the strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, and/or  overall performance management and reporting

The bottom line? You spend less time and effort manipulating data and more time monitoring performance, which leads to better decision making, greater business success and innovation. No obligation!

In many cases, we can even take some of your data and provide a custom demo that will prove how the solutions can help in unique scenarios.

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