Infor Application Studio for transactional use

Infor Application Studio is considered a BI tool; in it, you create a series of reports which retrieve data to be shown as a table, charts, dashboards, and also drill down your data to get more detail. But at the same time, you can save data back to the database, you can also create dialogs, pop-ups, define lists in a variety of ways. With all of these characteristics, it is an excellent tool to build more than reports, but also thousands of types of applications like those for the transactional environment.

The way Application Studio works give you control to manage your data with a lot of amazing features. One of them is the connection with the database. If you are linking to SQL Server, for example, you can include just a SQL command to return a table or a single data into a cell.

Application Studio has different components and design objects that allow the development to display data in different ways, including menus and drop down selection boxes, to display the contents of relational and/or multidimensional databases. Yes, a single report can simultaneously display data from multiple data sources.

All these capabilities demonstrate that this tool has all the necessary infrastructure to create a transactional application where you can create, update, delete and visualize your data for an operational processing, while presenting a web-based front end to the end user with minimal installation, and compatible with most browsers.

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