What is ERP Central Component?

SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) is one of the most recognized assets that SAP owns. It is an enterprise resource planning software which consists in several modules that provide the organizations with great control over their key business processes.

Modules can communicate with each other to create a fully integrated solution specific to almost any customer within a wide range of industry sectors.

SAP ECC implementations are a big challenge for any customer because of the risk that represents changing the way they manage vital information and processes, but the importance of counting with this kinds of systems, and the benefits of a successful/integrated ERP implementation are too valuable.

With modules like Financials (FI), Material Management (MM), Sales and Distribution (SD), Human Capital Management (HCM), among others, SAP ECC is one of the preferred choices for many organizations.


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Can a get a simpler definition of ECC?

What's the relationship between ERP, R3, ECC and HANA?


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simple sap ecc definition

ECC is SAP's ERP (enterprise resource planning). It is a software that works as the core system of the organization, managing the key transactions that make the business run.

This includes many areas. For example when talking about Finance, it includes the General Ledger and all the entries, creating Purchase Orders, payments, account receivables, etc. When we talk about Human Capital management (HCM) we talk about managing employees, payrolls, etc.


relationship with R3 or S/4HANA

SAP is known for changing the names of it's applications, sometimes for marketing purposes, sometimes because they merged products into a suite, or any other reason.

People that have been working with an application for a while a are already using a specific name, tent to keep using that "old" terminology and it can all get really confusing.

You can see all the names mentioned above as just different versions of the ERP. It used to be called R3, then ECC and the latest version is S/4HANA.

Now it is a good time to answer a question we often get from visitor. What is HANA?

In a very simple way, HANA is just the database where the data is stored. Just this database run in-memory, which makes it really fast and can manage huge amounts of information without performance issues.

SAP has been moving and developing most of it's application to run on HANA the same way it has been working on moving everything to a cloud offering.