The City of Henderson is the second largest city in the State of Nevada. With a growing population of 300,000 and 2,000 employees is a full service local government, with 20 operational departments working together to make the City of Henderson “A Place to Call Home”.

Henderson is further demonstrating its performance management leadership through implementation of its STARS (Strategic Tracking and Reporting System) application, which will incorporate both a performance measurement and Initiative reporting system. SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management is the application chosen for STARS that optimizes performance measurement to monitor, evaluate, plan and implement goals and key tactics.

The Problem

The City of Henderson has been working on the definition of their vision statement and actions to accomplish it for a long time, to the point where the process to define their strategy for the upcoming periods is well defined. The main problem after this was to find an application that could provide them with the functionality and standardization needed to execute on that strategy.

The employees involved in the process were spending most of their time in gathering and preparing the performance results instead of analyzing them to take actions based on the results. Along with this, each department was using different nomenclature and reporting standards to show the results which created confusion at the moment of discussions.
Last but not least the City required the ability to show the employees and the different departments what were the main goals for each department and how they were aligned to the overall City goals.

The Solution

The City implemented STARS, based on PilotWorks, from Pilot Software, company acquired by SAP in 2007 which flag product would became SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management.

With that as starting point, the City was able to empower employees at the different levels of the organization, to make timely decisions based on information that was easy to evaluate and available at any time.
Henderson is now able to create user defined reports that will allow them to initiative an Environmental Scan process to defined their strategy for the future, also create and publish that strategy, and then monitor and act upon performance results. As an important step, the city of Henderson has been up to date with SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management, migrating from PilotWorks into Strategy Management (SSM) 7.0, and then was the first SAP customer worldwide to go live in Ramp-Up for SAP Strategy Management 7.5 to always take advantage of the latest functionality offered by this application.

As proof of their leadership in this area, The City of Henderson has also implemented a Benchmarking solution with SAP Strategy Management, where they are able to compare their internal performance results against results from similar cities (in terms of population or weather) to collaborate with those jurisdictions and try to adopt best practices and learn from their experiences in order to achieve their goals even faster.