The City of McKinney is one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Texas and the nationwide averaging 23% growth over the last 6 years and located about 30 miles north from Dallas.

The city is about 42% built out. There is still a lot of land to be developed and the population is expected to go from 162K to 400K in the next 15-25 years approximately.

The Strategic Services Department works with the City Manager Office to manage, among other tasks the strategic plan and performance management practice.

The Problem

The City of McKinney is still going through the first couple of iterations for their strategic plan.

The City Council, with the support of the City Manager, defined the 6 Strategic Goals that were going to drive the City’s efforts for the fiscal year.

For each goal a set of Strategies were created to establish the actions needed to achieve them.

All that information was exposed on a website within the City’s portal that’s where the process stopped.

There was no buy-in or active participation from the different departments that actually deliver or help in delivering the services to the citizens. There was also no follow through from anybody either.

The City then chose an application to enable performance management and be able to monitor Key Performance Indicators, but the software was not flexible enough to adapt it to the performance measures wanted to track. The software had a fixed set of elements that could be used and no room to add their own.

The Solution

The City wanted something that could speak directly to those Council Goals and be able to align the City operations to those Goals and Strategies creating KPIs that could show everybody how they were doing.

They also wanted to take what some departments were already doing in terms of performance management and align it to the Goals and Strategies to prioritize resources and easily track performance.

SAP Strategy Management offered the city the flexibility to adapt their current processes to the plan defined and create standards that will facilitate reviewing the performance at the same time that it provides flexibility to create their own set of KPIs and ad-hoc reporting.

Now there is a citywide view and specific departmental views that people can easily understand and that can be shared with the citizens so they can also have visibility over performance of the services the City is providing to them.

The end result can be access here on McKinney's Performance Website.