Once the basic BI applications have provided information such as what happened and why, there are some questions left on the table like:

  • Is it going to happen again?
  • Where can we go from here?
  • What’s the best thing that could happen and how can we make it iterative?

Predictive Analytics tools are offering an advantage to many organizations by not only providing information to solve issues that already occurred, but also being able to avoid those issues in the future by acting ahead of time. Even better, we can use the data we have at hand to increase the chances of success when making decisions.

SAP provides a complete Suite to execute this advanced analysis and make the most of the information available, answering complex questions that a typical BI tools can’t in an easy way and a short amount of time.

This Suite is called Predictive Analytics and it contains applications for a wide variety of users, from Business Users and Analysts to Data Scientists.

For Business Users and Analysts, an application like SAP Lumira provides many options to automate most of the effort so users can lean on the application to execute some of the processes that usually advanced users are capable of doing in a considerable amount of time.

For more advanced business analyst and data scientists, there is another application called SAP Predictive Analysis focused on providing more advanced options/algorithms to study trends, identify exceptions or execute forecasts either with offline information or in Real Time with the power of SAP HANA.

With these applications now organizations can be one step ahead of their competitors, their customers, or their providers, being able to enhance their experience and interaction throughout multiple services or processes.

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