Citizen Insight App for SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management

SAP SSM App 1 (1)Nowadays, the way the information is presented to end users is almost as important as the backend engines and functionality the applications provide to an organization. If the final report is hard to read or takes too much time to understand, the application won’t be successful.

Another important fact is that most organizations need to share results with people outside of their environments. Although this could be more relevant for Public Sector organizations where the citizens are the ultimate end users and demand to have access to those results, private sector companies usually like to share performance results with providers and customers or provide clarity to investors so they can trust them enough to start or keep being interested in them.

 Even within the same environment, high level executives like to get a simple summary of performance results where they can timely react to any potential issues which are vital in this changing business world.

With this in mind, SAP developed another iPad App for SAP Strategy Management (SSM) called Citizen Insight, which is the result between the collaboration of SAP with the team from the City of Boston, MA as part of their SSM implementation. The result was presented at SAPPHIRE causing great interest among the audience.

SAP SSM App 2 (3)The City of Boston is adding this to their repertoire of mobile applications already available to the citizens, such as Citizen Connect and Street Bump, looking to provide the highest quality of service to people living, visiting or planning on visiting the city.

 This new app allows the administrators to select specific strategic elements from Strategy Management and configure pictures, logos, additional messages and then SSM will publish all that information into additional html files that can be placed on a portal to be accessed through a browser or it can be accessed via the Citizen Insight App which users can download for free from the App Store.

 The fact that the information has been exported from the application means that the users won’t need additional licenses to access the information, which makes it perfect to share this outside of the organization’s network.

For more information about this application don’t hesitate to contact the Cipher team that implemented SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management and the first installation ever of Citizen Insight for the City of Boston, MA by contacting us here

SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management (SSM) Ipad App

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