Consider these key points when switching to the Cloud

Cloud Computing

From time to time we are asked whether or not migrating to the Cloud application is a good idea. We believe that due to the increasing popularity of Cloud computing, it has become a technological trend that organizations simply hop on board with – before performing a complete assessment to make a properly informed decision. For example, an assessment includes, but is not limited to, the current technological platform, the network, economic factors, company policies, organizational processes.


This article outlines key points that an organization must consider if it is planning to switch to the Cloud.

Below are aspects that should be considered in advance:

1. Revise the internet speed of your installation to get an acceptable response time and thus a good user experience with the Cloud.
2. Check your network’s bandwidth. This check will tell you whether or not you need an upgrade.
3. Evaluate if you will need more resources in the future. With the Cloud, you will pay for what you use.
4. Determine the physical location of the data center that hosts the Cloud. It impacts connection performance and speed. It is important to know where the Cloud operates, with that you know how vulnerable your applications may be to a natural disaster.
5. Analyze the connectivity with other systems. You may need to extract data from different sources outside the Cloud and this may be a deal breaker is systems cannot interface.
6. Evaluate the security/protection that the Cloud will provide to your data.
7. Examine the backup policies and disaster recovery of the Cloud provider.

After analyzing your current situation and where you would like organization to be, you will be in a better position to make a well-informed decision. If the Cloud is the answer, congratulations! Here are the more relevant benefits your organization will get:

For Cloud providers, security is a critical area they have to deliver to clients. The Cloud service provider will ensure that your environment is protected against external attacks. A good service provider will always have a robust software and with the latest version.

Ability to access your application(s) anywhere anytime through a reliable internet connection.

The Cloud service vendors usually provide quality support in terms of problem management, availability and customer service.

As your business grows, it is more likely that your systems will grow as well. Therefore, you may need more storage or hardware to operate. These changes can seamlessly take place in the Cloud, as they are handled by the provider.

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