SAP Cloud for Analytics World Tour Santa Clara


It’s always nice to see applications evolve and stay ahead of game compared to what the rest of the world is doing. That means we get to go to customers and show them things they have never seen before and but they knew they needed it. SAP Cloud for Analytics takes that to a new level.

This all started, like we mentioned earlier in the year, with SAP Cloud for Planning, a revolutionary application delivered to simplify the life of those involved in the financial planning and analytics (FP&A) world.

David Kling from Intel kicked things off with a key remark, saying that Moore’s Law explains that (in simple words) the power of computers will double every two years, but data is growing at a faster pace. He mentioned this to explain why Intel and SAP have been working together for so many years go get to where they are now… HANA.

After that Tony Consentino from Ventana Research talked about how the main barrier for cloud is still security, but that barrier is coming down and 48% of organizations are doing cloud analytics today and another 19% say are planning to get on board in the next 12 months.

It was time then to get an introduction of the application from Ivo Bauermann and Christina Obry. The so called project ORCA, as they called SAP Cloud for Analytics internally at SAP was released.

Ivo showed three words on the screen that summarized the entire presentation: Integrated, Fast, Simple.


Among the exciting functionality, Ivo mentioned SAP Cloud for Analytics will have a connection with Universes, the ability to publish Lumira storyboards and of course the connection with Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) we got from SAP Cloud for Planning.

Planning is now a piece of everything SAP Cloud for Analytics has to offer, as Christina went on to show us just that. The latest updates in visualizations are amazing.


We at Cipher are proud to say we partnered with SAP to deliver one of the first projects for this technology world-wide and we look forward to keep making more customers happy with it.

We want to thank SAP once again for the invitation and looking forward to the next one.

If you want to learn more about SAP Cloud for Analytics, click here



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