SAP has changed the name of SAP Cloud for Planning and it's now SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). Click here to navigate to that section

In a typical business scenario, the business users need to go through multiple applications in order to achieve the desired outcome. This could include from emails, messenger services all the way to ERP data, business intelligence among others.

Taking the planning process as an example, users could begin by reviewing previous and current data as a starting point (analytic reports), then applying multiple formulas for forecasting and what-if scenarios (predictive analysis), after coming up with preliminary numbers they are shared with specific users for review and approval (collaboration, email, messenger) and later they are presented or published to all the stakeholders.

During that process we are looking at users going from one place to the other looking for information and also relying on IT to come up with some of those reports before they can be used in the following step.

SAP is proposing a simple solution for that problem, the main goal is to give the business users the right set of tools to cover that entire process without creating additional work for the IT team.

SAP Cloud for Planning provides an intuitive interface that empower business users to perform tasks simpler and faster, with functionality that resemble the tools they already use to facilitate adoption.


Just imagine:

- Being able to use spreadsheets without running into typical issues such as multiple copies or performance issues because it’s all working on top of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

- Just selecting a range of cells and the application suggests the best visualization for that data, with multiple graphic options available.

- Sharing specific files, reports or even cells of information with other users to discuss and create an action plan based on that discussion.

- Managing a calendar of events that will help streamline the entire process.

- Publishing presentations with the final information.

All this is possible within SAP Cloud for Planning and organizations can get up and running quickly thanks to a SaaS implementation. SAP's main focus has been in removing complexity and providing an application:

  • People centric
  • Future oriented
  • Analytics embedded.

The Cipher team is ready to help you get started with this application and maximize your investment in such an important part of the business.

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