Bay area kid predicts MLB results showing us the importance of "measuring the right measures"

Measuring the right measures

Right next to the US presidential elections, one of the trending topics according to google search, has been the Major League Baseball World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians.

As many of you know or have heard, these teams haven’t won the world series in a long time. Last time Chicago Cubs won it was in 1908. Check the Curse of the Billy Goat for more information.

So based on this information, who would have said they will be the teams battling for the championship?

Connor Garcia, an 8th grader from Oakland did it. Not only that, but making sure he was measuring the right measures he was able to predict four of the six division leaders (his – and honestly mine – beloved Giants were supposed to be first in NL West).

[big_title2]Measuring the Right Measures[/big_title2]

As his projects included also filmmaking, he made a video where he explains the process he went through, including the measures he used to give each of the teams a score that will indicate their position. He calls that measure the Connor’s Curve.

The Connors Curve is a combination of Pitching, Hitting and Fielding, but not using the typical ERA or Batting Average that we see on a website, we made his selections of Measures and explains the definitions in his video.

[big_title2]Did it work?[/big_title2]

Connor made his prediction in March, even before the season started, so it looks pretty accurate.

Maybe he would need to take some historical data and evaluate the results with the information from previous years to see if they match.

One thing is certain, these kind of projects create a great outlook for the world of analytics.

[big_title2]Who Wins?[/big_title2]

According to Connor’s Curve…..The Cubs!

We posted before about the predictions made by the SAP Lumira team on the World Cup and that one was very interesting, but here we are talking about a teenager with the help of his teachers and parents. Very impressive indeed.

Check out Connor’s Curve video



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