Big Data at Walmart


It looks like it was yesterday when terabyte hard drives were introduced to the market; this technology offers a solution to many companies that handle large volumes of data. But with time we realized that we need more and we can get it.

Now hearing people talking about petabyte is not unusual and demonstrates that we can still talk about Big Data as something really huge.

The question that typically comes to mind is how can we handle that kind of records and get an acceptable response time?.  The in-memory data platform resolved this issue. This technology was thought for real time analytics of large amounts of information.

But which company do you think needs this kind of capacity and requisite? 

Bernard Marr, Internationally best-selling author; keynote speaker; leading business, technology and data expert, as he is described in his LinkedIn account, talks about this revolution of data, and how a big company in the United States worked on a huge data center in the cloud, to quickly get answers and find problems in sales that can be easily and quickly solved at the moment these are occurring, instead of waiting for implementing a solution when they lost enough money and realized it was a bad decision or a human mistake.

This Big Company is Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. It is an American multinational retailing corporation that operates as a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. Is one of those companies that must handle a lot of data and were looking for an analytics solution, cloud-based that could integrate a lot of sources like meteorological data, economic data, Nielsen data, telecom data, social media data, gas prices, and local events databases. With all of this information they can make a decision in a fast and safe way.

Check this article Big Data at Walmart: How the Mind-Blowing 40+ Petabyte Improves Retail Decision-Making to see how this revolution of data models is giving value to companies like Walmart in their search for opportunities and improvements.

This solution was named Data Café, and had the participation of SAP, one of the leaders in enterprise application software, using it’s powerful in-memory platform database SAP HANA. This technology can support volumes up to a petabyte of data in-memory while returning query results in under a second ( “Bluefin demonstrates how SAP HANA, at Petabyte scale, enables manufacturing revolution”. Retrieved October 3, 2017.).

In this opportunity Michael Diehr talks about this great solution in his article SAP HANA powers Walmart’s Data café.  he showed us how building a real time data warehouse gives more control on the data, the users can be more proactive in the moment of tracking strategies and promoting solutions.

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