SAP Leonardo Analytics Capabilities

SAP, one of the leaders in enterprise application software, recently told about its new SAP product line oriented on a new advanced group of techniques based on machine learning, internet of things, big data and blockchain. Its name is SAP Leonardo; it comes to help industries to improve its processes making their SAP applications more intelligent adding digital solutions on the SAP Cloud Platform.


In this era it is difficult to think of a solution without a modern algorithm behind that simplifies our requirements, giving us better results in our analysis and make-decision journey. And imagine if all of this is because: it listens to us, it understands us, it knows us and it is constantly learning.

The analytics capabilities of SAP Leonardo are centered in all the potential of the cloud in union with a comprehensive set of modern analytics and new services for data collection to improve data analysis in order to drive a new customer experience.




This new concept brings to our daily tasks an important help. It can speed up the review process, analyze data wherever it belongs to, and collect a lot of information from all digital sources and smart devices. It can change the way how we can access and get answers to our business needs, just imitating the human validation capabilities.



  • Identify and resolve any issues across the network.
  • Leverage real time information to manage and maintain analytics solutions.
  • Fast deploy comprehensive predictive analytic capabilities directly into cloud applications.
  • Simplify and speed up financial planning and analysis.
  • It will be able to efficiently and accurately analyze market data, identifying and taking advantage of new emerging trends.
  • It can utilize data from sensors; connect smart devices and products with core business processes and back-end systems.
  • It enables innovative applications connecting individuals and communities of consumers with products, assets, brands and services.
  • Potential ability to perform their own regular maintenance and diagnostics.


All of these capabilities provide an unique value for customers to letting them analyze data strategically and effectively in a new environment, where the technology and its smart-enabled products bring us opportunities to rapidly build smart solutions. SAP Leonardo is the beginning of a new generation of SAP applications and services that will help to your organization in its digital transformation.


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